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Breaking Free from Financial Autopilot: Navigating Beyond Target Date Funds

January 3, 2024

The episode unfolds the origins of target date funds, born out of the overwhelming choices investors faced in the late ’90s. Steve sheds light on the limitations of these funds, emphasizing their focus solely on retirement date without considering individual risk tolerance, additional assets, or other crucial factors.

Learn about the impact of market crashes on investment strategies and why target date funds gained popularity despite their drawbacks. As the discussion turns to the pivotal age of 59 1/2, Steve explores the option to move funds out of a 401K into an IRA for more diverse investment opportunities.

Discover the benefits of seeking professional advice to analyze your 401K, understand costs, and explore alternative investment options. Steve emphasizes the importance of maximizing returns with minimal risk in your retirement journey, making every effort to ensure your financial well-being.

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