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The Sunday Report: Planning Your Retirement on CBS

Steve Aul and Mel Brandon have appeared on “The Sunday Report: Planning Your Retirement” on Sunday mornings on CBS. They were interviewed about planning for a successful retirement through income planning, protected growth, taxes, and much more!

The Aul Financial Hour – Your Money Matters!

Tune in with Steve Aul for “The Aul Financial Hour”
every Saturday at 7 a.m. on KMOX News Radio 1120 as Steve offers education and information on a variety of financial tools and services. His goal is to help you learn more about your current financial situation and keep you on a path to the retirement you deserve.

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About Steve Aul

As president and CEO of Aul Financial Group, Steve works with clients from various backgrounds and stages of life, focusing on financial planning for pre- and current retirees. As an independent advisor, Steve prides himself on his ability to locate products and offer services that drive you toward your financial objectives. Educating his clients about the different options available is important to Steve, and his goal is to simplify complex issues of retirement for clients planning for their future.

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