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Insurance Planning

A cornerstone to any financial plan is a well-rounded insurance plan. Just as no two people’s retirement needs are the same, no two insurance plans should mirror each other. Aul Financial Services is here to help you discover insurance products and create a plan that makes sense for your personal and financial needs.

Life Insurance

The use of life insurance in retirement planning is often overlooked. Life insurance has changed in recent years and can be used to provide benefits to you during your life, along with protection for your heirs. These benefits may include chronic illness benefits or even tax-advantaged income during retirement.

Long-Term Care

Planning for the possibility of chronic illness that may require a stay in a long-term care facility is another important aspect of a solid retirement plan. We use various methods to help protect family assets from this potential expense. We explore the many ways to include this protection into your retirement plan, including the use of long-term care insurance, if warranted.

Insurance products are offered through the insurance business Aul Financial Group. Aul Financial Group is also an Investment Advisory practice that offers products and services through Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC (IPW), a Registered Investment Adviser. IPW does not offer insurance products. The insurance products offered by Aul Financial Group are not subject to Investment Advisor requirements.