Wealth Accumulation

No matter when you begin to accumulate wealth, a successful plan to continue growing your wealth will require:

  • A consistent approach.
  • A long-term investment strategy.
  • A commitment to seeing that strategy through.
  • An understanding of your tolerance for risk.

We will guide you through these steps and use a variety of methods and products specifically chosen to meet your accumulation goals.

Asset Protection

We believe in the three Ps when it comes to asset protection.

  • Protection

Protecting accumulated assets is a major portion of a good financial plan. Not losing ground can enhance your comfort level in retirement.

  • Participation

Participating in market growth is essential to the health of any
financial plan.

  • Predictable Income

Generating an income in retirement is vastly different than generating an income in most of your working life. Understanding how to produce a consistent, predictable, and increasing income throughout your life requires a shift in financial planning.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning starts with defining what you believe is a successful retirement. The next step is to gather information on your current plan to complete a total retirement review. This review will tell us about your current plan and how successful that plan may be. From there, we work alongside you to develop a custom retirement plan that works for your situation.

While looking at your current sources of income and estimating your future expenses, we also take into account unexpected scenarios:

  • What happens if you (or your spouse) requires extended medical care?
  • How will your retirement income be affected if you outlive your spouse?
  • How might changing tax structures affect your retirement?

Tax Planning

Ignoring the impact of taxes on your retirement planning may severely impact the reality of your retirement. When you retire, some sources of income (such as Social Security benefits and required minimum distributions) are added to your yearly taxable income. We understand that you worked hard for your money and want to help you keep as much of it as possible. That’s why we focus on structuring your assets to minimize future tax implications.

Estate Planning

The ultimate goal of estate and legacy planning is to transfer assets to your beneficiaries with the least financial and emotional impact possible. We help walk you through different scenarios and develop a plan alongside your attorney to update existing legal documents or create new ones to ensure your assets are distributed the way you want.

Should you pass, we are there to help make this transition as simple as possible for your loved ones. From coordinating with your attorney to preparing final statements and transferring assets, we’ll take care of as much as we can to reduce the emotional impact on your family in this sensitive time.

Life Insurance

The use of life insurance in retirement planning is often overlooked. Life insurance has changed in recent years and can be used to provide benefits to you during your life, along with protection for your heirs. These benefits may include chronic illness benefits or even tax-advantaged income during retirement.

IRA and Roth Legacy Planning

If handled properly, an IRA can create a legacy for your heirs. We can work with you to appropriately plan for this result and guide your heirs through the process when the time comes.

IRA & 401(k) Rollovers

Proper management of your qualified retirement accounts can be crucial to a successful retirement. Knowing when to roll over an existing 401(k), when to convert to a Roth, and even how to disperse income in retirement are all items we can assist you with.

Charitable Giving

We help you accomplish personal charitable inclinations and take advantage of tax-smart estate tools.

Long-Term Care

Planning for the possibility of chronic illness that may require a stay in a long-term care facility is another important aspect of a solid retirement plan. We use various methods to protect family assets from this potential expense. We explore the many ways to include this protection into your retirement plan, including the use of long-term care insurance, if warranted.

Income Planning

The cornerstone of your income is usually from a predictable source. Savings and investments should be included to provide multiple streams of income through life. We use a highly detailed process that takes a look at your streams of income to serve as a roadmap to guide your financial future.

Tactical Management

We use responsive investment management to meet your needs and the conditions of the markets. Tactical management is an investment style in which your portfolio is actively balanced and adjusted with the intention of maximizing portfolio returns and minimizing risk.