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Upcoming Classes

AFG Town Hall

Steve, Mel, and Deanna have decided to start a weekly online session that will allow us to pass along current information, speak briefly on important topics, and most importantly connect with our clients more often.

The idea is to have a fixed, weekly Zoom session where we can briefly cover a variety of topics and open for questions you might have. We are planning on 20 minutes each week.

By signing up, you’ll be added to the notification list. This will ensure you receive a reminder email with the access information each week. You are not committing yourself to attending any particular session. If you have questions, please let us know!


Thursdays | 4:30 p.m. on Zoom


AFG Live Webinars

Here at AFG, we strongly believe that education is the foundation upon which successful retirement plans are built. Any plan you don’t fully understand is not only hard to implement, but even harder to stick with. Since the current social distancing environment has limited our ability to provide face-to-face educational programs in a traditional classroom setting, we have been hosting complimentary educational sessions online about the various elements that can impact your retirement.


Check out the upcoming schedule!

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New Reality in Our Retirement

Retirement fundamentals are substantially different now. Learning and applying new truths and techniques will prepare you for what’s ahead so you can retire successfully.

You will learn:
• The seven major threats to your retirement.
• How to arrange your accounts to maximize your retirement cash flow and how to create more reliable income.
• How and when to use a Roth conversion.
• Social Security strategies to help maximize your income (it’s more than just timing).
• How to help protect your retirement from market losses.
• The importance of proper estate planning and how to lessen the burden on your family.


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